Early Days

The history behind Tau Audio designs goes back to the late 1970's, the founder

Freddy Albrektsen had  ideas of building his own equipment while working with music.

A lot of the studies, interests and engineering work was made long before actually establishing a company. That gave a solid foundation of knowledge to move into production.

The early company story told here is long before Tau Audio designs was actually founded.

Nevertheless it is interesting, as the engineering designation and focus on designs are carried out by the one and same person as today.

As it was mainly analogue audio systems at that time, it was fairly easy to focus on prime interests, as there were fewer areas to choose from. 

Some of the early designs were Amplifiers - Large format Mixing Consoles – Equalizers and Microphone Amplifiers.

So a small company was established in the early 1980's to take care  of all ideas and hand manufacturing on a small scale. Early equipment was designed and manufactured turning out to be very timeless with a high client interest for a long time to come.

An interesting part of the early company was the Custom Shop department, where very special and rare equipment was designed and built for demanding clients. These were not very financially rewarding, but the time spent on these Custom items gave a great knowledge in techniques and various types of manufacturing.

Along with all the designing and manufacturing of analogue audio equipment, a lot of time was spend in the Recording studios. It was all about music and engineering at that time, and doing both recording and mixing, using off-the-shelf and customized equipment, a very valuable knowledge was established during all these years.

Though manufacturing has changed over time, the interest and dedication has not changed, and some of the early equipment is still a key area in the new Tau Audio design's works at present time.

To be continued......