Professional Audio Equipment

Tau Audio designs is a Danish owned electronic company developing, designing and manufacturing analogue audio equipment for professional users.

The core products are high performance Microphone Amplifiers, Compressors, Limiters, Monitor Controllers and Headphone Amplifiers.

Key clients are primarily Music & Film Studios, Live concert installations and Film Dubbing facilities.

The company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and uses local production facilities as well as manufacturers abroad.

The top priority is to keep an environmentally green and healthy profile for manufacturing, where suppliers and production partners will comply with legal regulations.

Packing is held in green and environmentally simple materials, with focus on the pure products.

Technical manuals are only available as pdf files from the company's webpage, which is again is good for the environment, and at all times provides updated manuals for the products.


T41 Microphone

         Test System

A lot of things are happening these month. A very nice and handy 4 channel Microphone Test System T41 with integrated Quality headphone amplifier, precise VU meter with extra meter gain and a very flat Pink Noise generator. This unit is designed for clients, who wants to make frequent checkups of their microphones, and make comparisons with matched systems.

Feel free to download the T41 pdf for more reading.

DI-8 Multi Interface


Further a modular DI interface amplifier system has been developed. It is based on very Hi impedance amplifier stages with gain facility and thrue Floating Balanced output drivers. Very high headroom, and extremely low noise.

It is configured in a 8 channel system where 6 channels are DI´s and 7&8 are reversed as Balanced input to triple unbalanced out with attenuation. This is very usefull for Re-amping. Optionally there is a small dual channel "Sattelite" available for locating in the studio, close to the instrument amplifiers.

Bargraph Test System

Our service department has added a new highly costomized and special test tool system.

As we have done SSL console servicing for many years, we  felt it was time to make it easier to support our clients with faulty SSL Bargraph meters.

It is a known fact, that these lovely old analogue consoles during time will suffer from different faillures.

Faillures that can be small and easy to work around, but sometimes bigger problems occour.

Normally service Engineers fix the problems on location, which means that the studio has to be shut down for normal work. Sometimes channels or center section cards can be fixed of location in a workshop, but a few issues will need the actual console frame/power supply to test and fix.

In this last area the SSL Bargraph system will be located, and this is where the new Tau BG100 test system comes in very handy. It gives the Service Engineer the freedom to take faulty Bargraph meter modules to the workshop bench and test and fix them under very controlled environments. And most important, the studio will not have to be closed for normal operation.

The BG100 system is a portable 2U rack system, that completely simulates the entire SSL Bargraph control system and the attached power rails as well. All connections are easy removeable 10way and 40way flatcables.

All available control switches for testing status-LEDs - Scale-LEDs and Marker-LEDs are located on the front.

The 263VDC supply main switch are for safety located as well on the front for easy acces.

Further there is a build in testgenerator, applying a calibrated +4dBm 1Khz tone to test meter-calibration.

For other testsignal requirements, there is a External Balanced XLR input for any external audio source.

All this means that we can support our clients in a better way in the future, when it comes to repair of the

SSL Bargraph modules.    

Below are shown the well-functional Workshop BG100 Prototype

Tau Audio designs also offers electronic service jobs on other studio gear/manufactures.

-Large scale analogue mixing consoles

-Mid/Small size mixing consoles

-Various types of tape machines

-Efx Racks

-Various legacy digital Reverbs (AMS-Lexicon)

-Various legacy analogue Reverbs (EMT-AKG)